Do I need rain gutters?

The main purpose of copper rain gutters is to protect your home from water damage. Copper gutters collect rainwater from the roof and carry it to the downspouts where the water is safely diverted to a place where it will not damage a home’s structure. Almost every home in Minnesota can benefit from some type of rain gutter system and were here to help. Whether your in need of a full copper gutter installation or just parts and advice, Sheridan has the products and service to make your project easy.

Copper gutters add beauty and value.

Copper gutters go above and beyond utility and enter the realm of architectural detail. Their beauty and longevity make them the best choice for homes utilizing premium-roofing materials, or owners who want to add a “custom touch” to their homes. Copper gutters continue to add beauty and value to a home as each passing year the copper reaches new levels of patina. Neighbors and passersby tend to “stop and take notice” when a new copper gutter job is installed in their neighborhood.

Copper Gutters are “Green.”

We all know that as copper gutters age they patina and turn a greenish blue color. But did you know that copper is a true “green” material? Copper is one of the few metals that are fully sustainable. Only 12% of the current known reserves have ever been mined and approximately 55% of copper used in Architecture comes from recycling. Copper is a wholly natural material present in and essential to plants, animals and people and unlike other metals such as lead, copper is non-toxic and does not accumulate in the body.

Which type of copper gutter is best for my home?

The pitch of your roof, the architecture of your home, the type of fascia, the roofing material, and budget are all important factors to consider when choosing a copper gutter system. Sheridan Sheet Metal sells and installs a full range of copper rain-carrying goods. We’ll detail a few of the options available but please give us a call or use our easy estimate request form with any questions you may have. Our friendly knowledgeable staff is here to help.